Maximize Your Sales Price!

Pricing Strategy

The trick to get the most money for your home is to get multiple offers and have them bid the price up. This is called an auction effect.

You can create an auction by offering the most value on the market and driving competition between buyers, rather than pricing high so that buyer are negotiating against you.

To be successful, it is critical to price the home properly. We look at real buyers who have purchased similar properties to yours which leads us to our price recommendation.

Asking Price vs
Market Value

% of Buyers Who Will
Purchase Based on Price

Get Top Dollar

+500 websites

Your listing is placed on over 500 websites, in over 15 languages across 50 countries

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Custom Property Website

Promote your home with a custom property website where we highlight your home with professional photographs

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Local Advertising

Hyper local advertising to get you maximum exposure with the right audience at the right time.


Formula for Success!

Steps to the Best Way to Sell Your House
= Sale!

No Hassle Real Estate

Sleep Tight

Selling a home can be complicated, and you surely do not want to make a mistake.

You can rest assured knowing you have an expert agent to navigate the sales process

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You Choose

You can choose which title company and mortgage company you want to use.

If you don’t have contacts in the mortgage or title space, you are welcome to use our team. Our experts have closed thousands of homes. They know their stuff!

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What to Expect

This timeline will walk you through the sales cycle

Step 1

Sign Agreement

The first step is signing the listing agreement and necessary disclosures which allow us to get started working for you.

Step 2

Prepare Home

Our team will help to prepare your listing for the market. Things to consider include, home staging, fixing repairs and professional photography. We will start networking to find your buyer.

Step 3

Launch Date

Your listing goes into the MLS, and we launch our online marketing campaign with a heavy emphasis on the local area - where most buyers reside.

Step 4

Open House

Your open house will drive buzz and kick off the showings phase. We will invite a curated list of potential buyers and neighbors and advertise the open house to potential buyers.

Step 5


Showings will continue until we have a quality offer.

Step 6


When you get an offer, we will help you negotiate the best terms for you. Negotiating skills can make a big difference to your bottom line

Step 7

Due Diligence

The buyer performs their due diligence period which can range from 7 - 45 days. Typically, buyers will close within 30 days.

Step 8


On closing day you will sign documents, and you will receive your funds via wire transfer. The buyer will take possession of the property on closing day.

About Alex

Clients often describe Alex as someone who is easy to talk to, and someone who is an expert problem solver. Alex will give you peace of mind as you navigate the sales process together.

By combining traditional real estate knowledge, with a modern digital marketing skill set Alex generates the maximum number of potential buyers, resulting in the maximum sales price for your home.

If you have questions please call or schedule an in person meeting and Alex will gladly walk you through the sales cycle.

Alex Avilez

(626) 290-6900

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help prepare my home for sale?

Yes we can coordinate vendors for you.

Many of our clients are not located in the local area, and we help them by coordinating different repairmen for routine maintenance.

Can I buy and sell a home at the same time?

Yes, you can handle this through a simultaneous close, which means you close both transactions at the same time. We have extensive experience in this type of transaction.

It is our pleasure to coordinate your experience to make it as smooth as possible.

I don’t want to host an open house, is that okay?

Absolutely. If you prefer not to have an open house, that is totally fine.

That said, we have had success hosting launch events, so if you can stomach an open house, we do recommend it.

Is your commission negotiable?

We offer 3 commission levels, with different services attached to each one. You can pick the level of service / commission based on your needs.

Keep in mind, we work for free until your property sells, so there is no cost until your home is sold!